By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   BBMak. What does that mean exactly? After attending arecent concert, I know exactly what the name of this up-and-coming band means.Harmonious voices, enthusiasm and "guy next door" appeal combined withraw talent all define BBMak. I had an amazing time at the concert and walked awaywith an appreciation for the band and a newfound love of music.

BBMakconsists of Englishmen Christian Burns, Ste McNally and Mark Barry. They recentlycame to America looking for success and armed with great voices. They are bestknown for their first hit, "Back Here," but that is slowly changing asfans catch on to their undeniable talent.

The guys are with HollywoodRecords, where my aunt works. She asked if I was interested in going to theirconcert. I knew of BBMak and, hey, the tickets were free! So I went with my mom,sister and friend. We all expected a decent show, but had no idea how good itwould really be.

They opened with "I'm Not in Love," afast-paced song from their album "Sooner or Later" that shows off theguys' excellent guitar skills. It was a good tune to set the mood for the rest ofthe night. The guys played every song on the album; "I Can Tell" and"Ghost of You and Me" were two standouts.

I was very impressedwith the fact that they play their own instruments, and play them well. All threeplay the guitar and Mark also plays the bagpipes (very cool in concert!) and theIrish whistle. I could tell BBMak genuinely love making music. The looks on theirfaces and their body language showed the audience they enjoyed performing for us,and that enthusiasm from a band was refreshing. The feeling spread to thespectators and made for a comfortable concert atmosphere. "Back Here"was the last song, but the guys came back for two encores, including their latestsingle, "Still on Your Side."

The concert was amazing, but thehighlight of the night was going backstage to meet the band. My aunt had arrangedfor VIP passes and the guys were as nice as could be! They autographed mysister's poster and posed for pictures. They were down-to-earth and generous,guys who seemed unaccustomed to fame. As fans, it was nice to beappreciated.

The concert's only weakness was the amount of time it tookBBMak to get on stage - two hours after the starting time. But that annoyance wasquickly forgotten when they started playing.

The BBMak concert was anincredible experience. Their great voices and enthusiastic fans made for anevening I will never forget. I definitely recommend seeing BBMak if you have thechance. Their still-fresh attitude on fame and love of music make them veryappealing. Go out and buy their CD, too; you will enjoy their self-written andself-produced songs. The boys of BBMak are here to stay.

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