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   Grey Eye Glances is an extraordinary group of musicianswith harmonious music and chilling lyrics. "Eventide," their firstrecording with Mercury Records, is certainly proof of this.

The band, whogot its name from an Edgar Allan Poe poem, started in 1994 and consists ofJennifer Nobel (lead vocals and 12-string guitar), Eric O'Dell (background vocalsand bass guitar) and Dwayne Keith (background vocals, keyboards and piano). Thethree got their start playing in Borders bookstores in the Philadelphia area, andsoon got bigger gigs around southern New England. Eventually, Tom Vickers ofMercury Records saw them perform and knew instantly that the band had a distinctsound.

Grey Eye Glances' sound and style are indescribable, but Nobel'svoice is clear and strong, and Keith's lyrics (with some help from Nobel andO'Dell) are capable of taking you to another place and time. On"Eventide," listeners feel the joy of life and love in"Angel" and nostalgia for days past in "Chills.""Snow," a beautiful, depressing ballad full of piano and heart, is mypersonal favorite. It is a nostalgic love song about someone wondering how toreturn to the past in a relationship. The strains of piano and Nobel's chillingvoice could make even the strongest person stop to listen and think about his orher past.

Not all of the album is downhearted. In "Something to LiveFor," the Celtic-sounding violins and strings definitely make you want toget up and dance, while the lyrics communicate how people often wonder about whatlies ahead, and how sometimes you need to think about your life and where you'reheaded.

I recommend this album to everyone, from fans of pop toalternative to classical music. It may be hard to find, since Grey Eyes Glanceshasn't received the airplay and recognition it deserves, but if you're reallyinterested you can listen to the music and order it at their If you're open to different styles and sounds sobeautiful they give you shivers, this album is for you.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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i love this so much!
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