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   Let's face it: contemporary Christian music is notexactly flying off the shelves. Teens would much rather listen to mega stars likeBritney Spears and Destiny's Child. Yet artists like Michael W. Smith don'tappeal to my taste either, even though he's a Christian singer.

When Ifirst heard this young, hip artist singing contemporary Christian songs, though,she caught my attention with her euphonic music. The artist who has so astoundedme is Stacie Orrico, a newcomer to the music world.

It's really hard tofind good, clean music these days. The album encourages teens not to listen tothe typical rock, pop, and rap music, which refer to sex, drugs and otherunsuitable topics, but to her wholesome sound instead. Her debut album"'Genuine" avoids swear words while still appealing to teens.

The lyrics of "Without Love" come directly from FirstCorinthians (Love is patient, love is kind ... ). Until I heard this song, Inever would have thought you could make two verses of the Bible into a catchysong, but Stacie Orrico has. Her wide range of vocals and the perfectlythought-out harmonies make the album incomparable.

The first tune is anupbeat song entitled "Ride," which encourages the listener to"take a ride to the other side" with the artist into an apparentlyideal world. Other hits include "With a Little Faith," "StayTrue" and "So Pray," all of which showcase her unmistakabletalent.

Overall, when I hear this form of contemporary Christian music,which I call "Christian pop," I am blown away! Stacie Orrico's debutalbum is truly "Genuine."

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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