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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   In last fall's "Golden State," Bush takes theirold abstract style, full of heavily distorted guitar riffs, and their slow, yetfast-paced style of music, and refines it to fit the new sound that has takenmusic by storm. Old Bush fans may be disappointed by the change ofpace.

The guitar sounds cleaner and more closely knit than the dirty andloosely put together (yet still well done) songs of the previous three albums.There's no screeching distortion, sustained chords or abstract guitar chorusesthat you might expect to find.

Popular tracks on the album stick toBush's old style of the heavy fast-paced chorus while still retaining slow,melodic verses. But, for the most part, tracks such as "Hurricane" or"Superman" lose a lot of what makes Bush, Bush. The style, whiletighter and cleaner, doesn't flow. Much of their new experimentation sounds alittle awkward, and Gavin Rossdale's infamous lyrics seem rushed.

There'sdefinitely some hope, though. Two hits, "Headful of Ghosts" and"The People That We Love," hold true to Bush's unique style while stillsounding new and interesting. Many of the tracks, however, don't hold up to theexcellence one might expect. I hope Bush won't continue in the direction theydecided to take with "Golden State."

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