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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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     Ani DiFranco is perhaps the most prolific anddiverse female folk musician of the ྖs - and beyond. Of her albums, 1994's"Out of Range" is, in my opinion, her finest. Characterized by melodicacoustic guitar hooks and introspective lyrics, it is enjoyable to listen to, andeven more enjoyable to sing along with.

The opening track, "Buildingsand Bridges," pulls the listener in with instrumental accompaniment and setsthe tone for the CD. DiFranco's voice is soothing but inspiring, and addressesmany topics including female empowerment, touring and, of course,romance.

"How Have You Been?" is the disc's highlight, withrelatable lyrics and playful horn and drum solos that make it almost impossibleto go on to the next song without hitting repeat at least once.

AlthoughAni is primarily known as a folk artist, the music on "Out of Range"encompasses elements of rhythm and blues, rock and pop that are sure to satisfyall tastes. "You Had Time" opens with a welcoming piano solo that iscatchy yet angst-ridden, laying the perfect foundation for the album's tokenregretful love song that is anything but token.

Additionally, "Out ofRange" is equipped with two very different versions of the title track, bothaddictive and zestful, treating the listener to an unexpected perk.

AniDifranco is an original, chock full of energy and extremely refreshing. Anyonewho enjoys acoustic guitar and great lyrics (and who doesn't?) is sure to havethis album spinning in their CD player for years to come, because it hasinstrumental and lyric appeal as well as uncanny staying power difficult to findwith artists and bands today. Listeners will most certainly be extremely- and most likely surprisingly - satisfied.

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