Stop All the World Now MAG

By Elizabeth B., Aurora, SD

     Howie Day’s 2003 sophomore album, “Stop All the World Now,” makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s CD collection who enjoys the sounds of Keane, Gavin DeGraw, and Lifehouse.

The CD starts off with the wonderful “Brace Yourself,” which is about love, like most of the songs on the CD. The song has a blend of background drums, acoustic guitar, and beautiful vocals. “Perfect Time of Day” gives listeners the sense of techno sounds mixed with acoustic guitar. Howie Day’s CD features acoustic guitar for the most part, but surprises listeners on songs like “Come Lay Down” with an exotic sound and bells. Day’s voice is also versatile - some songs sound like they are sung by different artists!

If you purchase the special edition of “Stop All the World Now” you will get four bonus songs including “This Time Around,” “Standing in the Sun,” and fantastic acoustic versions of “Brace Yourself” and “Collide.” The emotional acoustic version of “Collide” gives you a calm feeling and makes a great end to the CD.

This CD is a great choice for anyone impressed with Day’s first CD, and anyone who enjoys the diverse sound of acoustic guitar, tambourine, drums, and Howie Day’s smooth voice.

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i love this so much!


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