“Graduation” MAG

By Abraham R., Phoenix, AZ

     “Graduation,” Mr. West’s third album, has finally been released after lots of buildup. Now you’re probably asking, is it worth the hype? Of course it is, it’s Kanye West, super producer and MC, back to show off his newest creation.

Kanye West is well known for his production of “soul beats,” the name he uses to describe his laid-back, soulful tracks (and there is no shortage of them on this album), and now he is ready to hit us with his newfound flow.

In “Graduation,” a 13-track album, West does well switching his styles around, going from a mellow track like “I Wonder” to a more beat-heavy track like “Stronger.” But the best by far is “Homecoming,” which features Chris Martin (from Coldplay) singing the chorus as well as playing the piano. But what makes this track great is the story it tells. When you first hear it, you may think it’s nothing special, but if you pay attention you will have a greater understanding of the story: West reminisces about his hometown of Chicago, as if Chicago were an actual person: “I met this girl when I was three years old, and what I loved most - she had so much soul.”

All in all, this album combines great production with great lyrics, showcasing West’s growth as an artist. This is truly his “Graduation” into superstar status. Real fans of music, not just hip-hop, will want to pick up this album.

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i love this so much!


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