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Midnight Memories by One Direction This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Hark! The beautiful boyband sings! Glory to Midnight Memories!
Yes, the time is upon us once again. Worldwide phenomenon One Direction have just released their third album in three years, and it has everyone impressed. This pop and has certainly captured our hearts once again.
Their newest album racked up an impressive number one spot in almost 100 countries--not bad after only forming three years ago.

Their album presents an edgier sound while still keeping that classic boy and style. Pop and rock mix beautifully in the album-title single "Midnight Memories". Paired with songs like "Alive" and "Little Black Dress", you can detect their hunts if more mature sounds and lyrics. As one tumblr user put it: "Up All Night was na na na, Take Me Home was lol rock me, and Midnight Memories is like electric guitars, children screaming, gunshots in the bathroom."

Contrasting their updated rock 'n' roll songs are their contemporary ballads. Please hold your swooning until the end of the review. Songs like "You & I" and "Half a Heart" will have you feeling like you just stepped into a cheesy love drama. And hey, no shame if you belt out those high notes like you were the real Zayn Malik. We understand. "Right Now" is one of those sort-of ballads. Killer guitar sounds with emotional lyrics--who knows what's going on?!

Don't worry all you faithful pop fans, the band stays to their roots of pop with accurately titled song "Best Song Ever" and deluxe song "Does He Know". The latter has lyrics like "Does he know you can move it like that? Does he know you're out and I want cha so bad?"that really showcase he boys developed themes.

In classic 1D fashion, there are some songs that are complete game changers. A round of applause for songs like "Happily" a One Direction twist on a Mumford and Sons sound. On the other hand, "Something Great" lives up to its name, with all-encompassing vocals and instruments that I can only describe as utterly filling my soul. Yeah, I know how lame that sounds. Not to be forgotten, "Don't Forget Where You Belong" is a road trip must have. You can sing along, I won't tell!

Sure to break records this year, "Midnight Memories" is a holiday must have for all veteran fans and new comers alike. Make sure you get yours soon!

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