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Crazy for You by Best Coast This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

She's a crazy, lovesick, under the influence cat lover with her own band; Bethany Cosentino is one of the two members, along with Bobb Bruno, that make up the indie rock band - Best Coast. Formed in California, the band's album Crazy for You, released in 2010, pays tribute to the sunny state and coincidentally her cat with its bright cover. The album features thirteen tracks total and the sound as a whole can only be described as love pining, feel good music. Best Coast is a prime example of a band that finds a good riff that works for them and then sticks with it as although all the songs on the CD sound well, one quickly realizes that they all sound somewhat the same. Each track is another rambling of how unsure she is about her feelings and how much she longs for some guy sung in simple lyrics that repeat over and over. If you're not enjoying the music, listeners can find themselves resenting the vocals from constant repetition as is featured in the songs "I Want To" and "When I'm With You". Accompanying her singing is the ever presence of her oohs which she adds in the background of just about every song.
The guitar riff is a simple two chord switch, sometimes even just one,that is played slower and faster to indicate the chorus and calmer parts of the song. Bobb Bruno's bass and drums are a little more admirable as while they do mimic her easy style, they are reasonably more original and innovative than the guitar strums. Bethany Cosentino's voice is sweet and lulling as she drags her words out for a maximum smooth affect. "Our Deal" is probably the most popular and recognized song on the album and is rightfully so as it is some of their best work, the song was featured on Vh1's Jumpstart with a music video that involved a plot similar to the ones used in the movie West Side Story or S.E. Hinton's book, The Outsiders. The track is short but sweet. However, by time listeners reach the opening to "Each and Everyday", you can feel yourself going crazy along with her. The song is considerably annoying and in your face irritating; halfway in is a guitar break off that sounds more like someone's computer freezing in midsong than a classic strum and the end of the song's vintage recap does little to redeem it all.
In a more positive light, the tracks "Honey", "Good-bye", and "Boyfriend" are truly enjoyable and although they still possess the same feel as all the other songs, they seem to be better samples of the easy going vibe the band demonstrates. Also the CD includes some pretty cool snapshots inside the cover. Overall, my rating of the band is a two out of five stars.

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