Stepped Up and Scratched by Asking Alexandria MAG

April 22, 2013
By Travis Miller BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Travis Miller BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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After I purchased my first car all I wanted to do was buy a CD by my favorite band, Asking Alexandria that's dub step, a new techno music made up of heavy bass drops and techno beats that mimic heavy metal guitars.

Asking Alexandria's dub step album “Stepped Up and Scratched” holds remixes of a bunch of songs from their two other albums. I listened to the first track, “A Single Moment of Sincerity” excitedly and was already tapping my foot and bobbing my head. It plays a technologically remixed version of a guitar lick. The bass kicks in and finally that one moment that all dub step listeners love: the bass drop.

I was extremely impressed with every remixed track on this album. Even though most strayed from the original, true Asking Alexandria fans will recognize the original.

All in all, this album was well done. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a nice bass sound. The best thing about dub step is it plays with your ears. In any other genres like even rap, you can tell what the song will do next. But dub step is different.

“Stepped Up and Scratched” definitely gets an A+ in my book, or should I say ears. It was an excellent purchase and increased my love for the band. People who love a good dance party will love this album and this genre of dub step.

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