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August 3, 2012
By Lover_Dearest GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
Lover_Dearest GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Ed Sheeran

I’ve recently have discovered this artist who goes by the name of, Ed Sheeran. He is an wonderful singer and artist from the UK. Who writes his own lyrics and plays guitar in certain songs. If you are familiar with the boy-band One Direction, Ed Sheeran wrote the song ‘Moments’ on their current album ‘Up All Night’

Ed Sheeran has recently released his own album ‘+’. The album includes wonderful songs. All his songs talk about love and life. Some of my favorite ones are Small Bump, Kiss Me, Wake Me Up, and Little Bird. Which are all beautiful songs.

When I say his songs talk about life. I mean things that happen everyday, but don’t always happen to everyone. Such as his song ‘Small Bump’. Is about having a baby, but it is only a small bump for four months the is torn from life. I myself cried the first time I heard this song. Because it was such a sad and beautiful song.

I suggest that you go and listen to this wonderful music. The go out and buy ’+’.

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TessJW BRONZE said...
on Jul. 14 at 3:29 pm
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I agree with you totally! I went to see Ed live a few weeks back and I absolutely love him! Perfect is my favourite song, I cry every time I hear it.

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