The Resistance by Muse

April 5, 2012
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The latest of Muse's several albums since their debut in 1999, "The Resistance" has definitely been a turning point for the alternative/rock group. Now focusing on more hardcore guitar and less whiny vocals, Matt Bellamy and his few minions have proclaimed a riot. The first single "Uprising" is, in fact, about rebelling against those who may not like the idea of not conforming to society. It sort of ties into “Black Holes and Revelations” in that it focuses some on war and hate but has kicked off as something more about fighting back than fighting pointlessly.
Personally, "Unnatural Selection," "MK Ultra," and "Resistance" are my favorites on the list. "MK" uses lots of technological sounds to create sort of a non-human vibe, whereas "Resistance" is out to show that the power of love may possibly trump the love of power. "Unnatural Selection" is one I have yet to figure out but has a very enticing guitar intro and solo that leaves your heart hammering if you play it loud enough.
If someone asked what Muse song was my favorite I would have to say I had too many to narrow it down past five. Overall, while “The Resistance” is my favorite album so far, too many of their pieces are just so great! “Unintended” is unfortunately very whiney to most people, but to me it’s beautiful-“I’ll be there as soon as I can/But I’m busy mending broken/Pieces of the life I had before,” simply strikes me as something deep and thought out rather than merely screamed into a microphone for crowd’s reaction.
“Cave,” the fifth song of “Showbiz” is a little less on the whiney side and more intense. But it’s the piano solo toward the end of the song that grasps me firmly by the heart and doesn’t let go. The vocal/guitar part of the song is just whoo-hoo, I’m a criminal or something, but the delicious and dramatic pulse of this quiet break allows for a few moments to process the tune and also gives people time to think for themselves-something we do not often see coming from an artist.
“Plug In Baby” is yet another song I do not know the words to, I don’t quite know the meaning of, but I must comment on its intense guitar presence. It’s one of the group’s shorter songs, being about half the length of some of their work, but completely worth the short amount of time.
So, if this half-review, half-analysis, half-opinion piece has not bored you to death and you are currently still attentive, maybe this is broken down some-basically Muse has several assets in their career. Perfect solos and moods created by their songs are the main two, as far as I can see. What draws one in about an artist is that artist’s greatest help in staying successful.

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First serious review other than mine on the Ballad of Mona Lisa, please rate!

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