Something Real by Meg and Dia

March 25, 2012
Love Indie Rock and Rock songs? Then you'll love the Something Real album by (what I consider to be the most amazing band in the world!)Meg and Dia. Meg and Dia is a band that was formed by two sisters and added three more people to help with back up singing and instrumental parts in their songs. The album is worth every penny that I spent on it. All the songs are strong and believing, many about love and betral. Regret and sorrow. Hope and promise. One of the songs, Monster, is written about a book that deals with abuse. Some of them are uplifting, some cab help you get through a break up. Meg and Dia are masters about writing song dealing with break ups and can help you get through any tough situation! I listen to them all day long, 24/7, and am really drawn into the songs. Give 'em a try! Their songs will surely inspire you.

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