#1 Girl by Mindless Behavior

October 2, 2011
By MiNdLeSsLuVeRgIrL BRONZE, Kenly, North Carolina
MiNdLeSsLuVeRgIrL BRONZE, Kenly, North Carolina
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Mindless Behavior is an American boy band, best known for the single "My Girl", produced by Walter Millsap. The band was put together in Los Angeles in 2008, by Millsap (who has previously worked with Beyoncé and Timbaland) and Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton), and the band trained in dance and singing for two years before releasing a recording. The members, all in their early teens, are Ray Ray, Princeton, Prodigy and Roc Royal The band has toured as opening act for Backstreet Boys and for Justin Bieber in 2010. They performed "My Girl" on The Today Show in November 2010.
The debut album is #1 Girl.

Their influences include Michael Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. They are all from Los Angeles, California except for Prodigy who is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Mindless Behavior toured with Justin Bieber and Jason Derülo, and is the sole opening act for Janet Jackson's 2011 tour.

They are a happy, bubbly, bouncy group of good boys. They love their fans to death and the fans love them too. But be careful Mindless Behavior fans are very protective and territorial. I remember going on there website, looking in one of the chat rooms, and the girls were cussing and calling each other names. Mindless Behaviors music is electric and makes you move but there are some songs that make you understand what they go through every day since they've been famous.

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Hey If Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, or Princeton ever views this I <3 U.

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