The Album "21" by Adele

August 26, 2011
By musiciangirly BRONZE, Newtown, Connecticut
musiciangirly BRONZE, Newtown, Connecticut
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R&B songstress Adele's latest album, "21", has been on the Billboard 200 for 26 weeks, and certainly is worthy of it's current #2 position. Naming her albums after he age during creation, I certainly believe Adele has dodged the "sophomore slump" by a long shot. Her songs are so lyrically moving and make me want to cry and laugh and smile all at once.

The first single off the album, "Rolling in the Deep", is a triumphant song of a woman getting over a love and realizing who the person they loved truly is. She is mad and bitter, and tells him that they "could've had it all", but that he played her and now she's going to get back at him. During the hook, she tends to dwell on the idea that they "could've had it all" and seems to be calming down for a moment, seriously realizing what she has lost. However, she quickly gets over this and knows that he wasn't the one for her, and continues on with the venting of her anger.

Her second single off the album, "Someone Like You", is a heartbreaking story of settling for someone other than the person you love. She talks about how the past lover has moved on, yet she still hasn't. She dwells on memories of the past and meets with him because she can't stay away from him. However she knows it won't work out in her favor, and tells him not to forget her, and that he gave her an important piece of advice: "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead." My favorite part of this song is when she sings the chorus for the last time. She is belting is out, and I feel like this is her final words to him, and that you can truly hear her pain and heartbreak. It makes me want to cry with her.

Another stand out on this album: "Don't You Remember". This song is certainly not as popular as the singles, yet it still is strong and heartfelt. She is singing about a man who left her, and is thinking back on their relationship, wondering what went wrong. She then asks him if he remembers, which seems to have a double meaning as she is asking him to remember their relationship and the reason he left her. She seems to be trying to get him to come back, admitting some of her faults and gets so frustrated and starts asking why he doesn't remember. Now you can feel her pain, because she wants him to remember her and possibly come back, seeing as her last line is: "When will I see you again?"

Other wonderful songs on this album: basically everything. This album is from the heart and stays true to what love is like in real life. You feel her heartbreak/pain and her reminisce and it takes you back to a time where you felt that way. The only thing I would truly change would be more variety between the songs, seeing as almost all of them are interpreted about love and only about that. However, I believe Adele has stated that this whole album was inspired by one relationship, correct me if wrong but if so, then she got a lot of amazing material from one period of her life.

My personal favorites (other than the 3 above): "Turning Tables", "Set Fire To The Rain" and "He Won't Go"

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

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