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March 24, 2011
By gorilla96 BRONZE, Middletown, New York
gorilla96 BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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The band that I mostly listen to is Linkin Park. They are an America band from California. Mike Shinoda the band maker found Chester “Ches” Bennington in 1999. When they made the band bigger and they were well known they came out with their first album. They went a long way till today with their albums. The most well-known albums are The Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and A Thousand Suns and many more.

The band always shows their fans a really good time with their concerts. They always have sold out tickets for their shows. Especially when they are in Madison Square Garden they will never be any empty seat there. When they have new albums coming out people usually pre order their album 2-3 weeks before it comes out. Their albums sometimes come on top of the charts. Their songs have a little bit of everything. They have hip hop, rock, and heavy metal in some songs. Some songs come out in movies and make it even bigger.
All of the band members put something into every single song. They are not like other bands that just one person writes the song. Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington put the most effort into all of the songs. In some of the songs Chester Benington sings most of the song then in others Mike Shinoda would do either different kinds of vocals or he would sing the whole song.

I would recommend their music to people who like pop mixed in with rock. Their music has something special about it. They were a small group from California that made it to the big world and accomplished many things over the years. Some of their songs tell a story with a fast tempo to it. That is why I would recommend their music to many people.

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