Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch

October 28, 2010
By Brian MacKay BRONZE, Victoria, Minnesota
Brian MacKay BRONZE, Victoria, Minnesota
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Welcome to the Masquerade

Thousand Foot Krutch has always been the underrated band in Hard-Christian rock
genre. What a horrible lie this is. They are able to pull off making songs that even the most
skilled artists would have trouble forming. Joel Bruyere is able to completely shred the very
fabric of base guitar tunes and leaves the listener feeling a pure exotic rush. Steve Augustine is
able to place any beat imaginable into a song and still make it sound as powerful and fresh as
possible. The melodic tune of lead singer Trevor McNevan’s voice was something that
was very new during that period in musical endeavors. His voice almost meshed completely
with the heavy guitar riffs and still displayed the hard rock vibe that gave Thousand Foot Krutch
its popularity.
However, on their latest CD: Welcome to the Masquerade, TFK has reached an all time
high. They detached themselves from their hard core sultry sound and gave into the softer side
of rock, all the while still retaining their grunge atmosphere. These soft rock songs include:
Watching Over Me, Look Away and Already Home. With only three songs, this left more
breathing room for TFK to unleash more heavy rock onto this world through songs like Bring Me
to Life and Scream.

This CD was crafted so beautifully that when switching back and forth between these
two genres, you can hardly tell a difference. The band was able to incorporate many different
instruments into the variety of songs. They add violins, the piano and even the bongos into
their list of creations. All of these instruments are placed perfectly into each song and forms
an overall aura of mysticism and creativity to each masterpiece.

After listening to Welcome to the Masquerade, you can’t help but feel two contradicting
feelings. While listening to the softer side of TFK you feel at peace with any problem you may
be facing in your life. Suddenly the song switches and you hear the ferocity of the electric guitar
rip through your brain stem and you can practically feel the adrenaline set in as you are ravaged
by such ferocity. No other band but Thousand Foot Krutch could accomplish such a feat and
that is why Welcome to the Masquerade is able to provide both sides of rock and roll to the

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My teacher Mr. Petersen.

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