"Can't Be Tamed" Hype a Deception by Miley Cyrus

October 6, 2010
After being described by fellow music artist Katy Perry as “Britney Spears all over again,” Miley Cyrus shocked fans and non-fans alike by saying she took the description as a compliment. Clarifying that she tries, “to look at everything in my life as positive,” Cyrus has still sent the World some interesting messages.

A picture of the teen star in a midriff-baring shirt pulling her jeans downward on the cover of her newest album “Can’t be Tamed” only confirmed speculations of a different look for Cyrus. Her startling music video for the album title song quickly toppled any of her remaining Hannah Montana-wholesome image.

What’s ironic, however, is that Cyrus is garnering so much attention for her Britney Behavior that few realize the lackluster quality of her newest album. A few songs, such as her remake of Poison’s “Every Rose has its Thorn” and her catchy original “Two more Lonely People” gross the singer some profit.

References to an intense dance floor infatuation in “Who owns my Heart” are about as fiery as it gets for the rest of the album, however, (with the exception of “I Can’t be Tamed) which is a puzzling aspect. Perhaps Cyrus felt her album needed a boost, or maybe she’s just looking to publicly outgrow the Disney stereotype.

A risqué video with a song to match may make for a clever business tactic, but Cyrus can’t fool everyone with her mostly unexciting product. A few hits, but also a few misses. Otherwise, the hype is just a deception.

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FreeToDream_FreeToSing_21 said...
Nov. 2, 2010 at 12:19 pm
MILEY IS A FAKE! she is a good person but her music SUX!
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