Radioactive by Kings Of Leon

September 18, 2010
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After two years of suddenly being propelled into the international spotlight, Kings Of Leon have returned with a brand new album – Come Around Sundown. When an indie-alternate rock band like Kings Of Leon is introduced to the colossal kind of fame that they have its understandably difficult to hold on to the original ethics and vibe that they began with. Only By The Night saw the band successfully attempt a cleaner, anthem vibe but their newest venture has seen them return to what fans love best. The first single from their new album – Radioactive – reunites Kings Of Leon with the raspy, ragged voice of Caleb Willowhill in his natural style. Fans across the world, new and old, will be delighted with a Kings Of Leon that has maintained it’s grungy, prophetic sound. Whilst introducing the world to a band that can experiment and yet stay true to its self. With the simple and catchy lyrics accentuated by a slight gospel rhythm Radioactive is sure to delight.

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After hearing Radioactive for the first time I realised there is so much I could write about one of my favourite bands. Plus I always wanted to write a music review!

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