shinskoku dolce by kanon wakeshima

May 21, 2010
kanon wakeshima know as the ending song singer to popular manga turn anime Vampire knight. had spread to make her own album kanon was born to parents with a love of a music. hense her beautiful cello playing, and i know your thinking cello??? wait isn't that 1800s snorefest, well kanon in this album makes a new defention to it her song is all to be belived to had the cello in almost every song i guess like 2 song don't. but each song has its own unique mean. like still doll has a meaning of being unable to escape unhappiness and looking out to a happiness you envy. next would be suna oshiro which shows a really dark side the mean is like bein in sand castle and your happiness is fallowing down over time and you cannot escape.but not all of kanons songs are dark infact a good song with a happy meaning would be skip turn step. with the meaning of enjoying adolences and dancing in the puddles after rain. or ennui kibun which just has kanon talking about hating love and wanting to be mad but can't cuase shes so happy. yes these whole album is in Japense but music has no bond to languge its mostly how you feel. and kanon wakeshima has actually encouraged me to play the cello as well as being name baring of a fiction story im writing about where the main charter is named "kanon".

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