They're Only Chasing Saftey by Underoath

May 20, 2010
After a dark, rather edgy debut. Christian, former Floridian, post-hardcore band "Underoath", blows minds and spreads messages in the addicting, emotional, "They're only chasing saftey". Not only do they put more voice then scream, but their song writing, and catchy hooks and chorous's, will put you in the song and make it apart of you. Songs like "A Boy Brushed Red... Living In Black And White", "There's Dangerous Buisness Walking Out Of Your Front Door", and "Down, Set, Go!", will stay in your head all day. Not only do the band's songs inprove, but the songs have alot more meaning, and even more flavor. Personally, I think of "Saftey" as one of the best follow-up's ever. Its an album at first you will like, then LOVE.

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