"There Will Be Blood" Soundtrack MAG

By Brandon Thompson, Easley, SC

Anyone who’s ever been a fan of Radiohead knows that Jonny Greenwood knows music. From the hypnotic and commanding guitar work of “OK Computer” to the carefully arranged sonic bliss of “Kid A,” Greenwood is an expert at using sound to take you places.

“There Will Be Blood,” however, feels so much more complete, even in its tidy 33-minute length. As a good film score should, each track washes a different mood over you and brings life and excitement. The piano and percussion are so weightless and beautiful, and the strings carry your mind and allow it to flow with the melodies. You’ll often find yourself staring down a chasm of sound, patiently waiting to hit the bottom.

Greenwood’s creative well never seems to run dry, even after seven albums with Radiohead, two film scores, and the reggae project he did last year. Although this is only his second soundtrack, it feels like he’s been doing it for years.

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