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Finch – “What It Is to Burn” MAG

By Brian Close, Phoenix, AZ

This five-piece group from Temecula, California, brought a new wave of mainstream rock in 2002 with “What It Is to Burn.” Inspired by driven guitars, dynamic drum parts, and intense lyrics, Finch is a band that grew to great fame. The entire album is enjoyable.

The opening song, “New Beginnings,” starts with a slow, distorted guitar fade in. After this short intro, you are slammed with raging power chords and octaves. Nate Barcalow soon shows his talent with his meaningful lyrics. Throughout the album, he changes his voice, from upbeat, to melancholy, to a fierce scream. Some of the best guitar work comes out in songs like “Perfection Through Silence” and “Three Simple Words.” These two are prime examples of playing a lead guitar part without needing to have a solo.

The unfortunate part of the album is that the bass is not heard very often. Most of the time it remains in the background as the rhythm part it was meant to be. Their singles, “Letters to You” and “What It Is to Burn,” are definitely crowd favorites at their shows because they put so much energy into them.

If you are looking for a good listen in the pop-punk/hardcore genre, you may want to check these guys out; I guarantee they will not disappoint.

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