August 23, 2009
ok dont you hate it when people listen to only ONE type of music? It could Be Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, or Rock. I also hate it when one of your bff's turn the music channel because the song isnt by a certian artist or they dont like the type of music it is. The most likely reason for this is that they have just never taken the time to atually listen to the genre it fits into, or they never actualy listened to the song. The song i am talking about is Lucky, by Jason Maraz and Colbie caillat. It is a very good song and a lot of people havent even heard of the artists. I dont know, its just really annoying to me, What about everyone else?

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emily.louise said...
Oct. 3, 2009 at 5:59 pm
I love this song and all of my friends knew both of the artists beforehand. I don't agree, but it was well written.
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