Kid Nothing Vs. The Echo Factor

June 14, 2009
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Today I am reviewing “Kid Nothing Vs. The Echo Factor” by Gym Class heroes off of the album The Papercut Chronicles. This song is commentary on mainstream rap music from the point of view of the vocalist Travis “Schleprok” McCoy. As a rapper himself, Schleprok has much to offer and he does so with class. On top of beautiful swirls of bass and guitar he shows how mainstream rap has declined. McCoy is a true intellectual with every lyric uttered eloquently and with every word you are drawn in more. Now with all of the verbal magic happening you would think that they would skimp out of the background right? Wrong. The beat of the song is very well instrumented, contrary to what most people would expect from rap music, with amazing drums to draw you in. The guitar and bass are reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Whether you love rap, protest, conscious, or just psychedelic music, you will love Kid Nothing Vs. The Echo Factor.

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