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May 16, 2018
By Anonymous

 Saw III is the third movie in the Saw series and is the continued story of the evil plots of Jigsaw. Taking off right where the second movie left off, this movie has Jigsaw using a secret assistant to help him carry out his mission. Meanwhile, in the movie, he punishes a man, who watched his son get runover by a car, to teach the man the lessons of life, but in a dark, twisted manner. 

 This movie is much more terrifying than the previous two, and has much better visual effects. This movie can actually be considered horrifying, unlike the other two, and will definitely cause some fright. This movie has some beyond twisted scenes, suspense-filled moments, and scenes that are just beyond gruesome. Although the ending is slightly confusing, and on the dumber side, this movie is much more of a traditional horror film compared to the first two. 

The author's comments:

The third movie in the Saw series is the scariest to date. 

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