Guardians of the Galaxy

May 9, 2018
By , Short Hills, NJ

 Guardians of the Galaxy is an excellent, original, hilarious, great-playlisted movie done superbly. One of Marvel's finest, this movie is about how a boy who was raised by a group of ravagers and his adventures. This boy is named Peter Quill, but he wants to go by Star Lord, as an outlaw name. Peter is by no means a good guy, and when he discovers a mysterious orb that contains something powerful enough to conquer a galaxy, he temporarily befriends a mischief group from around the universe. Rocket, a raccoon, Groot, a tree alien who can only say three words (I am Groot), Gamora, who used to work for the most powerful man in the galaxy (who's considered horrible), and Drax, a muscular, blue skinned man with anger issues. Together, this odd group attempts to stop a formiddable force in Ronan, who tries to wipe out an entire race. 

 Overrall, Guardians of the Galaxy has a great plot line, a deeper meaning, and a great song choice. Perfect for the superhero lover, young kids, teens, anyone who lived during the 80s, and great for families.

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