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Batman Ninja

May 9, 2018
By Pixel3d SILVER, Sacramento, California
Pixel3d SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Batman ninja, an new movie about batman but this time, he’s a ninja is sengoku time period. (It’s also anime) Batman Ninja directed by Junpei Mizusaki and produce by Eric Garcia is probably the current best animated movie of batman. As it sets in Japan in Sengoku time period(1467-1603) we’ll get to see how Batman and his allies will fight their way to go back to their time period and back home while also bringing down the villians that also time traveled with him. Plus, the Joker turns out to be pretty good with the katana. Anyway, what I’m saying is that this movie is pretty good in all ways.

The scenes in this movie is so animated to the point where it actually kind of look like american cartoon animation. What I’m saying is that it was well drawn and the 3D animation was on point. The scenes shows how much the creators and producers have put into this movie and the scenes while also not making it look like an average anime movie where only anime logic applies. The 3D animation may be bad at some part but there’s a lot of great ones that covers the bad animation. The scenes were great, the animation was awesome, and for the most part the creativity in this movie is off the chart.

The voice actors for Batman, Joker, and many more were great actors. The voice actors that I’m talking about are the english voice actors. Roger Craig, the one who voice batman did a good job on batman and so did Tony Hale, the one who voice Joker. Now I don’t know about the Japanese voice actor since I haven’t watch the japanese dub version yet but what I can tell from the trailer is that it was on point especially the one who voiced Joker. Overall, the voice actors did a great job.

The writing or the plot was created by Leo Chu, the one wrote out Afro Samurai. Which is why the action scenes was so great. As his scripts provides Batman with the difficult task of bringing down Joker and the other villains without the future tech he needs. This takes him to use feudal Japan and learn to adapt to his new environment. Batman doesn’t dismiss the old ways of combat style, in matter of fact he actually embrace them in the hope of finding a way to save Japan and also trying to find a way back to his current time.

Overall, this movie was a great success but in many people eyes it wasn’t. This movie shows us that the scenes that Japanese studios makes are fantastic and should collab more with other American animation studio. It also shows us that even though it was made in Japan, the voice acting can still be on point despite the fact that the lips sync aren’t actually sync with the english voice actors. Finally, the writing or the plot was fantastic and it was very appealing as it takes us to see a new type of super heroes thing. I recommend you to watch this movie as it will get you hook in to it.

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