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Garden of Words

May 8, 2018
By Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"They say love is blind
oh baby you so blind"

It’s pouring really hard outside. Can you hear it? Seeing a scene of a beautiful rainy day, strong wind, and a quote of Love. “A clap of thunder, even if rain comes not, I will stay here,  together with you.” In a place called Kanto, which rains even if it’s summer, a beautiful moment in life happens.


“Garden of Words” takes the environment into another reality. With the lighting and shading, it really takes it in. Akizuki Takao is a 1st year high schooler and he doesn’t like going to first period. He would go to Kanto’s garden park and stay there for a bit. But one day he met a woman there, she an adult in her late twenties. Then it starts to rain with a beautiful scenery of them talking.


Takao isn’t the type to open up to people, he would love to make shoes in the future. He started working on a part time job and he could talk to the woman at the park more normally. They never mentioned each others name. The woman, Ms.Yukino is a literature teacher at his high school and she thought that he’ll know about her but he didn’t, he’s in his own little world.


The artwork of the movie was awesome, the art director wanted the viewers to see it in a new way of experience. Some of the places in the movie were based on real places and were animated just like it. The garden park was a real place too, how could a place like that look so good? Raining was kinda like the main thing in the movie. It mostly rains and when the sun comes out, it’s beautiful.

The movie was stunning and amazing in every way. The animation was beautiful for a 2013 anime movie. The quotes in the  movie was very sweet and sad in a way of waiting for the person you love. Even though the movie was stunning there are some scenes that I wish that it could’ve been better for Takao to see Ms. Yukino more. Well, the movie was good anyway and it brings me happiness and sadness in a way.

The author's comments:

What inspired me about this piece is that the movie was really good and the animaton was amazing.

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