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Everything, Everything

April 25, 2018
By RosieMcnally BRONZE, Witney, Other
RosieMcnally BRONZE, Witney, Other
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Everything, Everything (2017)

Part of me thinks this was a great film, the other thinks it was a tad predictable. Maddy thinks she's ill and that if she goes outside she'll die. She spends most of her days indoors looking out. She's one of those girls you wish you could be, the ones who sit around and read and write book reviews, watch films and coincidentally is a great artist too. Then it happened, we all know what’s coming. There's a boy. There is always a boy. Its stereotypical she thinks her life is helpless and he comes along and gives her hope. It’s weird because for days they never see each other up close or even hear each others voices. But they still make that connection. They do the Taylor Swift thing and hold messages up to the window. The first time they meet face to face is probably a relief to both of them; they can see that neither person is actually hideous close up. On the contrary, the two actors are both very cute. We know they will stop at nothing to be together and yet the overprotective mother tries to interfere and separate them, only to drive a wedge between herself and her daughter who she is trying to keep 'safe'.
Near the end I became envious as Maddy and Olly run away to Hawaii together, Maddy disregards her illness and takes the chance for a dream trip. I mean every girl wants a guy to sweep them off their feet and fly them off to a tropical island where they frolic around in the sea and lay on the sand together. It was extremely romantic. Yet as everything is going swimmingly, Maddy is rushed to hospital. And here comes the game changer. After being shipped home she gets a call from the hospital in Hawaii, they tell her she is not as ill as she thinks, being ill in Hawaii was just a coincidence. Then she figures it out. Her own mother has exaggerated her illness to keep her inside and away from danger, isn't that sweet. Naturally Maddy feels betrayed and runs away once again, this time to New York where she and Olly are able to live Happily Ever After.
I am not going to lie, I saw the ending coming, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this film. I love the romance and hope about this story; it gives me hope for my future relationships which now have even higher standards to amount to. I understand why her mum did what she did and I think I would be able to forgive her, in time. I think she helped Maddy to become more independent in a way as she was able to defy the rules and risk everything just for a chance at a perfect ending.

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