A Quiet Place

April 18, 2018
By Anonymous

A Quiet Place is a horror movie released on April 6th, 2018, and was directed by John Krasinski, who is an American actor famously known as Jim Halpert from an American tv show "The Office." The main character in the movie, Lee Abbott, is played by John Krasinski himself, and his wife Emily Blunt plays a role as Evelyn Abbott, Lee's wife. The couple has three children; Beau, the youngest brother out of three siblings, Marcus the oldest son and second youngest in the sbling, and Regan, the only daughter and the oldest out of three. The movie is set in a world where people are not allowed to make any sounds unless they are near a loud naturally occurring noise like the sound created by waterfalls. If a person makes any noise, they are instantly taken away by the mysterious grotesque looking creature, and they are killed. Luckily, the Abbott family was able to survive in the noiseless world long enough, since Regan is deaf; therefore the family knows sign language.

Despite the fact that this movie's genre is horror, it portrays the love and bond formed between a family under unusual circumstances. While the family lives in a quiet world, they try their best themselves not to make noises, which includes many sacrifices. Out of the family, Lee makes the most sacrifices and dedication to protecting the family, and he also spends his time doing researches about the unknown creature and also to develop a better hearing aid for Regan. The movie meets its climax when Evely, who becomes pregnant, starts to get a contraction and goes into labor while series of unfortunate events occur, creating noises and attracting the creatures. The family ends up scattered around the area they reside in during the climax, and when creature finds the children, Lee tells them his last words by sign language and decides to scream his lungs out to distract the creatures so his children can escape. Evelyn gives birth to her child, and at the ending Regan figures out a method to get rid of the creatures and the movie finishes showing Evelyn and Regan gets ready to go against the creatures.

This movie is strongly recommended to watch with families and friends, and the audience should be people from the age of young adults to adults. A unique concept of horror portraying the family bond is not only the reason why this movie is exceptional. The film barely includes any sound, and all the lines are told by sign language, which allows deaf people to enjoy the movie as well. It is a unique technique to create a whole movie using sign language, however, it should definitely have a positive impact on the movie and other media industries. This movie should make people consider the fact that while thousands of people enjoy newly released movies and entertaining tv shows, some people are unable to go through the same experience. As an audience, I strongly recommend going to the cinema and watching "A Quiet Place" to feel the unreal thrilling yet heart warming experience.

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