April 11, 2018
By Zebralove166 SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
Zebralove166 SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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Dear Patrick,

When first meeting your character you were very distant;as the movie continued,you changed.When Charlie didn’t have any friends, you welcomed him with open arms. You have your own goofy and loving group of friends who accepted Charlie without a single question.

After awhile we see your true nature. Theatrical,brave,honest, an all out a nice guy who is afraid to say “hey I am gay!”

Which is totally understandable considering the fact that your boyfriend is a member of the football team. At the same time Brad’s parents are what is considered to be known as a homophobe.It doesn’t make it any better that your boyfriend and his friends beat on you. So it comes quite naturally to beat yourself up and isolate yourself from everyone and act out. You have yet again someone walking in on you when you’re kissing him and then the possibility of Sam finding out.

Brad loves you but he is just too afraid to tell you because he is a jock. He maybe doesn’t want to ruin the perfect reputation that he worked so hard to uphold. Everyone is just jealous of you because they aren’t as confident as you are. They aren’t willing to sacrifice everything for love. You break the odds just by living life instead of ending it. Instead of ending it you kept going, you kept moving forward. The desire to physically get as far away from home as possible is completely understandable. The not wanting to stay and deal with all of the problems and only look towards the future is a great way to deal with everything going on.

I understand the fear of everyone judging you because of how you identify yourself. All I am saying is that I am here for you and will be your shoulder to cry on if you need.
   Your Friend

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