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"Lady Bird"

April 9, 2018
By Anonymous

In “Lady Bird”, written and directed by Greta Gerwig, starring Saoirse Ronan whom gives a look into the life of a teen girl with the pressures of college, her relationship with her mother and the changing bond she has with her friends and her boyfriend. This movie represents the hardships that some teen girls experience. “Lady Bird” does a great job of showing accurate experiences of some teen girls. The name of the movie “Lady Bird” comes from the main character who is named Christine but goes by Lady Bird throughout the movie, this causes tension between her and her mother who prefers to call her “Christine”.

The timeline of “Lady Bird” is interesting because it only shows part of Christine’s highschool experience that would be relevant to her later in life. It did not show all of her day to day experiences because of the lack of long-term importance to her. I enjoyed this way of filming because it accurately represented some of the things that a person would actually remember when they were older not just irrelevant day to day things.

I have heard some negative comments about this movie because people believe it is lacking in a plot. Although, this may be true I think that there is a point to this lack in plot. But, I think that that is something that makes this movie quite special because it is the story of a highschool girl and her life where nothing overly major happens but that is a true visual of her experience and a lot of other peoples experiences.

A lot of people can connect with this movie because of the accurate representation it has of a high school experience. She goes through issues with her parents and friends which a lot of people can relate to, and having a movie that shows this I think is important. Having people connect to the plot line I think is a priority because it makes people want to continue to watch, and draws them into the movie.

Overall, this film makes the viewer want to know more about Lady Bird’s life and accurately represents the struggles that highschool girls often go through. This movie is great for anybody who wants to watch something that they can most likely relate to due to the array of characters and the events that occur in there life. I highly recommend watching this movie to anyone and everyone because of the connections many people can have with it.

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