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March 28, 2018
By AAdd_22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
AAdd_22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
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The writing titled “Wonder,” written by Katherine Holtz, talks about confidence. Her writing left me feeling happy for the young boy who was finally accepted. I agree with this writing, which explains anyone can get over an obstacle no matter what it is. I can relate because my little sister has down syndrome. Like Auggie who, “has always been stared at in public because of his face” my little sister has gone through the same thing. Carrie gets most of the attention in our household like Auggie does in his, which I am completely fine with. She needs the attention she gets! I am just like Auggie’s older sister Via “often being ignored by her family” due to her brother’s condition. This writing was very strong and valid. The author showed emotion through her writing just like the movie.

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