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To Live

March 23, 2018
By Gem.w GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
Gem.w GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Life is much tougher than what you imagine. That is the most primary feeling I have about the movie . The reason that I watch this movie is my world history teacher showed us the movie in the class for us to understand communist portray. Make a general survey of Chinese history, busy cities and turbulent wars alternating and hundred dynasties changing, the political gaining and losing is obvious, so I want to put my attention focus on the people.

A country is flourish, people are laborious; a country is falling, people are laborious too. Revolutions happened during a development of a country is necessary. Bleeding in experiencing revolutions is also inevitable. Making revolutions relate to common people is disaster. The movie shows every uncepting details to its audiences altogether so that many people may start to be doubtful to their life. However, all the characters that the movie mould are stronger than people now in 21 century. Likewise, people at that time all possess the abilities and faith that could support them to experience the age revolution.

In the movie, the main character’s whole life is full of hard and tears. He lost his house in the gramble and his dad died because he was so mad at him. However, when he realized all the faults that he’ve been done before, he was arrested to be a soldier in the fronter. Eventually he suffered the war, he thought his new life was coming to him. Once more, he lost his children. Let’s take a look to other characters. One of them was shooted while looking for brother in the war. One of them was executed because he was classified to landlord which is an enemy of the government. People who were classified capitalism never showed up anymore. The professor who used to at the point of the dying in the great cultural revolution was free finally. When the society is in danger, death is not only an example but also an ordinary state.

“If I can go back to life, it’s good.” “ If you can go back, have a good life.” This where the life is strong. In the front of the disaster, people have no time to think about anything else than to live. To live so there is hope. Difficulty is not going to disturb you anymore if you end up you life easily .However, when you overcome all of them and turn around watch them, compare to you peace life, they are just a thing.


All beings are bitter. Death is coming to everyone, but we are much stronger than we can imagine. Please believe, all the things will get better if you are alive.

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