March 31, 2009
Ex CIA agent Byran Mills, played by Liam Neeson, is nothing short of being over protective of his 17 year old daughter Maggie Grace as Kim.
This is a movie with a straightforward storyline has great acting from Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace, but it was nothing groundbreaking. We meet Byran in between jobs working with some of his old CIA buddies. He quit had quit his job in the CIA in an attempt to be closer with his daughter Kim. She lives with his ex wife and millionaire husband, who isn't afraid to spoil her. The film wastes no time in showing how great Byran is at high pressure situations. He disarms and saves a pop diva at a security guard job at the beginning of the movie. He tries to reconnect with her but all she really wants from him is a signature on a permission slip so she can spend a few weeks in Paris. He is reluctant at first because the world is a “dangerous place”, but after a few nasty glares and comments from his ex-wife he caves in. The next time he hears from Kim, she's in danger. A group of men have broken into her Paris residence and kidnapped her. Armed with little to no information, Bryan heads for Europe with the goal of finding his daughter and killing her kidnappers. He quickly learns of corruption, organized crime, and slave traffic ring.
The story starts off slow but the action pack fights and minor car chases were good enough to keep you focused. It is a bit unbelievable but still a good movie. “Taken” shows Byran as a one-man army, taking on any challenge he encounters. He is the type of hero that just doesn't mess around. He gets what he needs and then shoots them. In a way it's like an old western or 24 with Neeson as Jack Bauer.

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