Epic Movie

March 30, 2009
By Walter Clancy BRONZE, Kings Park, New York
Walter Clancy BRONZE, Kings Park, New York
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In my opinion, Epic Movie has to be the worst movie ever, for many reasons. I'll give you a little background first. Epic Movie is the story of 4 orphans who join together to try and find their parents. On there way they make fun of many different classic movies in a very stupid and immature way. There are maybe two good parts in the movie, which is saying a lot. The actors are mostly no names, but they imitate more famous actors who were in the movies they make fun of. Theirs no real plot and everything is thrown together in fragments that make no sense.

I'm not the only one who thinks this is a bad movie; the ratings given to Epic Movie were very low. The director of Epic Movie made many more movies, such as Disaster Movie, Date Movie, and Superhero Movie, all of which were equally bad. The directors' only real successful movie is Scary Movie, and its sequels. Overall Epic Movie is a complete waste of money and the only point in watching it is to get a good laugh making fun of how bad it is.

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soccer4 said...
on Apr. 26 2010 at 9:36 am
it might be good


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