Spiderman Homecoming

February 6, 2018

Spider-man Homecoming was released on July 7 of 2017 the movie is about a 15 year old kid named Peter Parker played by Tom Holland. One day when Peter gets out of school he changes into his Spiderman suit and goes around the city seeing if there were any crimes. Once Peter gets off the phone with Happy, played by Jon Favreau. Peter spots something on his way back to his house he spots 4 guys dressed as the Avengers robbing a bank in front of Mr. Delmar’s sandwich shop. Aunt May played by Marisa tomei let Ned into Peter’s room while he was out. Ned is played by Jacob Batalon. Finally when Peter comes through the window as quiet as possible he realizes that Ned is in the room with him  Ned drops the Lego Death Star braking it on the floor in shock seeing that Peter is spider man. After Ned founds out Peter was spiderman everything has changed.

In my opinion Spider-man Homecoming is a great movie it is one of my favorite movie’s ranking at Number 1. I highly recommend watching the movie the actors were amazing especially The Vulture played by Michael Keaton. The writers Jon Watts, John Francis Daley, Chris McKenna, Erik sommers, Christopher D. Ford and Jonathan M. Goldstein did an amazing job by creating the special effects and how the movie takes place right after the movie civil war ended and how life is like with Peter and his experiences with being a hero. And how Peter has to go to school and do the Stark internship at the same time.

Spiderman Homecoming was filmed at Atlanta - Georgia - USA,  Berlin - Germany,  Pinewood Atlanta Studios - 461 Sandy Creek Road -  Fayetteville -  Georgia -  USA,  Van Nuys High School - 6535 Cedros Avenue -  Van Nuys -  Los Angeles -  California -  USA,  New York City -  New York -  USA,  Reseda High School - 18230 Kittridge Avenue -  Reseda - Los Angeles - California - USA,  Henry W. Grady High School - 929 Charles Allen Drive N.E. - Atlanta - Georgia - USA,  Franklin K. Lane High School - 999 Jamaica Avenue - Brooklyn - New York City - New York -  USA,  Sunnyside - Queens -  New York City - New York - USA, 44-11 Queens Boulevard - Queens - New York City -  New York - USA,  Washington Monument - 15th Street & Constitution Avenue NW -  National Mall - Washington - District of Columbia - USA,           Staten Island Ferry - New York Harbor - New York City - New York - USA,  The dates for filming 20 June 2016 - 4 October 2016

Music used - Blitzkrieg Bop ( Single Ladies version) By: Ramons
Can’t you hear me knocking By: The rolling stones
Save it for later By: The english beat
Goin’ up the country By: Canned heat
The underdog By: Spoon
Space age love By: A flock of seagulls
Yodeler's Dance By: Hollywood trainer music Orchestra
Cineramascope (feat. Trombone shorty and corey henry  By: Galactic
Moon over Bangkok (Instrumental ) By: Matt Hirt 
Confident By: Demi Lovato
Theme ( from “ Spiderman”) Original TV series By: Michael Giacchino
The world is changing By: Michael Giacchino
Academic Decommitment By: Michael Giacchino
High tech hist By: Michael Giacchino
On a Ned - to - know basis By: Michael Giacchino
Drag racing/An old van rundown By: Michael Giacchino
Webbed surveillance By: Michael Giacchino
No Vault on its own By: Michael Giacchino
Monumental Meltdown By: Michael Giacchino
The baby monitor patrol By: Michael Giacchino
A boatload of trouble pt.1 By: Michael Giacchino
A boatload of trouble pt.2 By: Michael Giacchino
Ferry Dust up By: Michael Giacchino
Stark raving mad By: Michael Giacchino
Pop vulture By: Michael Giacchino
Bussed a move By: Michael Giacchino
Lift off By: Michael Giacchino
Fly - by - night Operation By: Michael Giacchino
Vulture clash By: Michael Giacchino
A stark contrast By: Michael Giacchino
No frills proto COOL By: Michael Giacchino
Spider-man homecoming suite By: Michael Giacchino
Left hand free By: ALT-J
Oh yeah By: Yello
The low spark of high- heeled boys By: Traffic

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