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January 25, 2018
By Devinjake55 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
Devinjake55 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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I Have thought to myself? What would it be like to go back to the past, or fast forward to the future? I Wonder how it was like to live in the 1700s. How I will be in 10 years or 20 maybe 30. It's all in science fiction all something so realistic but false. In Order to get these experiences what it might be like to time travel. I got to look for books and movies. It has all of that in one of my favorite trilogies is Back to the Future. Which is all about three main characters and how they travel across many times to accomplish something important. This trilogy consists of “Back to the Future 1” released July 3 of 1985, “Back to the Future 2” released November 22 of 1989, “Back to the Future 3” released May 25 of 1990. NOTICE THERE IS SPOILERS.

“Back to the Future 1” to me was the best of the three in the trilogy. How Marty goes to see doc and doc have this time machine he created. This gang shows up and Marty gets accidentally sent into the past back to 1955. Then the story revolves around him trying to get back to 1985. Whiles, he is in 1985 he runs into complications. like his own mom falling in love with him. So he has to get his parents to fall back in love so it doesn't kill him. The story continues and he gets in a predicament with Biff and his friends, so he has to avoid that. The biggest of his problems would be getting back not only does he have to call upon docs help he also has to warn him of what happened to him in 1985. The first of the trilogy was full of action scenes with tons of funny but crazy scenes that put me on the edge of my seat. It was such a hit movie claiming many awards. Then ending the movie doc appears in this futuristic outfit telling him that they have to go to 2015 to fix a problem with his future children. Which then the movie ends on a major cliffhanger. Which leads unto the next of the trilogy.

“Back to the Future 2” which was mind-blowing how they added effects and made it capable of having the same character twice on the screen at the same time. At the end of Back to the Future, 1 doc showed up and called upon Marty and his girlfriend to go to the future and save his children. They are warped into the future 2015 which was brilliant how they went from past to future and made it into something that seemed that science fiction would never accomplish. In Part 2 they run into conflict again arising that they put Marty's girlfriend to sleep and leave her on the street. Later to find out the police find her and take her back to her house where the real one of 2015 would be. Which was quite bad because doc explained how it came into contact with his future self it could end in A paradox or just them fainting and waking up later. But Marty goes through this whole plan to stop his children from getting put in jail. So when he thinks he accomplished that he goes back to 1985 where actually it was an alternate 1985 because Biff took the time machine and gave his own self an almanac where he got rich. So Marty had to go back to 1955. More conflict arises but in the end, he is on a road with doc above him in the time machine which is struck by lightning and doc disappears. With doc gone this man arrives with a letter addressed to the party from 1885 telling Marty that the lighting had sent him to 1885. So Marty still in 1955 goes back to the doc who had just sent the previous party back to 1985. In the end, doc faints and the movie ends which implies there would be a third movie in the trilogy which was released a year later.

“Back to the Future 3” which was made right after “Back to the Future 2” Started with the ending scene of “Back to the Future 2” it had in the letter he read that doc died in 1885 by the hands of biffs great grandfather. So as anyone would guess he travels to 1885 to save the doc. In 1885 they go through so many things and doc invents the fridge. Later Marty is challenged to a duel with Buffy who was biff's grandfather they don't want to do the duel so they attempt to go back to the future. The DeLorean is out of gas and in 1885 the did not have industrial gas. So they had to find a way to get the DeLorean to go 88 mph and warp back to 1985. So they come up with this plan to use a train and in the process, doc falls in love with this lady who he wants to go with him to the future. So they come up with this plan and the doc and the DeLorean get pushed and the girl wants to go with and attempts to get on the DeLorean and doc tries to help her in so Marty offers his hoverboard from 2015. With them hanging out of the DeLorean Marty get warped back to 1985 without doc or his girlfriend. The DeLorean coasts to a stop on the railroad tracks and Marty get out and stop the incident that ruins his future and then the DeLorean is destroyed by a locomotive with a time machine on it and also a doc and his wife and 2 children. Doc shows them the picture where they are in front of the clock tower and then warps away once again. Ending the movie everything is normal Marty and his family are stable and his girlfriend wakes up thinking it was all a dream.

In “Back to the Future 1” Marty gets sent back to 1955 where he requests docs help to get back to 1985 but in the meantime, he gets into trouble and ha to fix things. Then there's “Back to the Future 2” where doc comes and requests Marty's help to go to 2015 and save his son from prison and then runs into complications where he has to go and fix the problem by going back to 1955 to destroy an almanac to get back to 1985. Then “Back to the future 3” where he goes to save doc from 1885 because in the end of the previous movie had been accidentally sent to 1885 so Marty goes to save him and ends up back at 1985 with everything back to normal. Now that I know all this about time travel and the possibilities of what can happen I don't think I would like to go back to the past or my future I'm content with where I am right now. I can keep learning and finding things out through books and movies. I don't need to figure it out for myself others can explain it when and if they time travel. The next time I think about time travel I remember it's not a good idea. I Remember that it's most likely gonna end in disaster and chaos so I think before stepping back or forwards into time. I've heard and searched myself for a “Back to the future 4” but there are no signs of one coming.So I enjoy the 3 movies as much as I can because there are no promises there will be another one. I will always Remember to think before looking for my future.

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