January 25, 2018
By Makaylablair BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
Makaylablair BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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Everyone has terrible, tragic events happen in your lifetime. That’s just how life works. In this 2015, drama-filled movie, a family of three has one terrible thing happen to them. The husband, Billy Hope, is a professional boxer. During one of his fights, something tragic happened. He is then told to retire when he is at his best. After a very life-changing occurrence, he hits complete rock bottom and loses control. Drinking and doing drugs causes him to lose almost everything. Deciding there needs to be changes, he changes his life around. Cleaning himself up, getting sober, and trying to get most of the things he lost back.

The main character’s daughter Leila and wife Maureen, are his number one supporters. I would consider Maureen being his because she always picks him up and keeps him together. When something happens to Maureen, Leila has to take over and help her father get through it. One of the most heartbreaking parts for me was when Billy went out of control one night. He loses something very important, when trying to get her back he struggles deeply with getting second chances. She can be so stubborn but she is also very sweet at the same time. She gets very angry with her father and decides to lose communication with him. He never gives up, he keeps trying till he can get her to at least talk to him. When he finally succeeds he buys a nice little home for them.
This film is one of my favorites of all time. It does a really amazing job of showing detail when it comes to Billy’s emotions. While watching this I could almost feel the pain he was in because it seemed so real. I cried multiple times because it was so emotional. So if you aren’t into drama I would recommend if someone likes sports, this would be a good choice. I am not a big fan of sports in movies but this one I really liked because of all the different emotions throughout it.

The beginning is really intense. It shows a foreshadow of the way Billy acts when things take a turn for the worst. Also, it talks about his past when he was put in jail many times. His girlfriend which is now his wife stuck with him through the whole thing because they had gone through the same things. Including being put in a foster home where they actually had met for the first time. In the beginning is where the worst part happens that is terrible. I think they did an amazing job with it though because it was a very interesting hook. It sucked me right in, I never got bored because there was always something new going on.

I would have never expected to watch a movie like this. Before watching one about sports, those types of movies never really interested me. This one was far from uninteresting. If you are looking for a movie to watch I would highly recommend this one or at least watch the trailer. I guarantee someone will want to watch this and find out what happens in this movie. This movie by far is a popcorn eating machine.

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