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January 25, 2018
By Jenfox SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Jenfox SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Spoiler Alert “We are bound by time, by its order.” These are the first few words said by main character Louise Banks in “Arrival”. Something know one would never expect, aliens coming to earth for an unknown reason,also known as the arrival of the objects. The beginning of “Arrival” shows life before the arrival of the objects, and what we thought was before. That might seem confusing “what we thought was before” but as the movie goes on she sees visions of life after these objects leave, and she asks the aliens who this child is. Now wanting to know more about this child it keeps the audience wondering who this person is and why it’s important to know. A lot of different factors make the movie, but I thought the graphics, acting, and overall plot was what really helped the movie.

With all the graphics it made the movie come to life. From parts of going into the objects, that were actually where the creatures lived in; behind a glass wall to seperate the humans from them. The aliens also called heptapod had graphics to make them look so real, and they could move and used ink to communicate, which seemed hard to make so realistic. If graphics aren’t good the movie seems like they didn’t work hard on it, but for this movie it’s noticeable how much work they put into it. Just like graphics, acting is important, it needs to go with the scene depending on emotions.

How a character feels in the movie can make it so much better. “Arrival” acting was good, it didn’t give out to much emotion which they could have changed. If they showed more of characters from the other towns, and how they are dealing with the objects it could put more emotion into the movie knowing that they can’t do anything to help. Sometimes it can be hard to fake emotions, but “Arrival” had good acting and made the movie feel more realistic. At the end of the movie when everything started to come together the acting made the emotions so much better. The acting makes the plot, if the actor couldn’t become sad no one would know something bad has happened.

Plot is the whole movie, and “Arrival” plot was confusing at first, it was a good idea so viewers would have to watch to understand. Like the child from the beginning of the movie, it finally made sense when Louise found out she was seeing the future, and the child is going to be her daughter. Still not knowing the father, soon after she finds out, and she still decides to live her future with Ian. Even though she knows her daughter (who she named Hannah) was gonna die and Ian would leave her, she still goes with it knowing she must embrace it. Small details made the movie entertaining, the most important things like graphics, acting, and plot are what every movie needs to be successful.

Louise finally understood she could see the future, and time is a different meaning for her. Now that she knows the future time can be a bound, knowing something but having to wait for that. When the objects came to earth, no one expected it and thought they were going to kill them, the aliens were only there for their help and needed to teach their language to them. The aliens languages rewires the learners brain, and they can see the future. Since Louise is the only human to know this language, she must teach others, the aliens need help from an unknown threat and need help in thousands of years from human. Maybe aliens will really need mankind's help someday.

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