January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

How would I feel if my mother had buttons for eyes? What would I do? These questions always wondered my mind. What movie has a mother with button eyes: “Coraline”. This movie is based on another “mother” with button eyes and what our heroine would do. In my view, “Coraline” is one of the greatest movies I've ever watched. Coraline is the protagonist in the film, she does not have the best relationship with her parents. They don't agree on the same things and her mother and father are constantly working. The parents never give her much time to do things as a family. Moving into a new house is never easy nor all fun and games. Dealing with new neighbors, working parents and no one to regularly hang out with, some can get quite bored. I believe “Coraline” is a movie that can touch all hearts. Just because I am older than the recommended age, I do not hold back on viewing this movie. Over and over. Here's a fact that I didn't know, the movie was actually based on a book. Astonishing, in my eyes because I always view the books much better than movies. Whether it be the book or movie, it was meant for kids but means so much to us, teenagers, or adults. What makes this movie so great? To me, I consider it would be the mystery, horror and the movie’s thrilling joy ride it puts us on.

The first reason why this movie is so great transpires in the mystery of “Coraline”. I love mysteries, that's what drew me in as a kid. Trying to figure out why some things were happening the way they were. That was a puzzle to me. Making mental notes during movies is my big thing, I call them puzzle pieces. Hopefully before the movie ends, but that doesn't work all the time. In fact, even when the end comes up in movies I'm still left in awe as to why I didn't think of that particular ending. My first puzzle piece was their home. It just looked so run down and old, when I was younger and living in this older apartment, it had the same little door. This part just blew me away with the similarities. But when she found that little door on the first night she went through it was a "did that just really happen" moment. But when she met the mother with button eyes I almost peed my pants. At first, I thought it was a dream, just like Coraline. The first viewing of “Coraline” was when I was 9 and I thought it was supposed to be a friendly kid movie like The Land Before Time. Not the case with this movie. The "other mother" as they call it, is nothing like her real mom. Seeming to pay more attention to Coraline, and making these extravagant meals for her. Besides the buttons eyes on her "other" mother and father, I thought Coraline got it good. As the movie goes on and I’m still trying to figure out this puzzle, I found out that kids have gone missing throughout the years. Wybie is Coraline's neighbor a boy close to her age, he speaks about how his grandmother's sister went missing way before Wybie and Coraline were born. Around their age too, major puzzle pieces there. Now speaking of all of this, I realize some mysteries I can't have without horror.

I love horror movies. “Coraline” was my first ever "horror" movie. Look up what the genre is for “Coraline” the movie. The book is rated dark fantasy but the movie is rated thriller. Plus animated and family film but besides that, thriller. Thriller is defined by the moods they extract, giving viewers heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, astonishment, anticipation, and anxiety. Now horror is not defined by these feelings but I always had these feelings when watching a “horror” rated movie. Speaking of horror, button eyes are a freaky thing, the first time I saw them I thought about what pain they would have had to go through. Sticking a needle in my eyes or head? That is a no-go for me even if I could have stayed in that seemingly perfect place. The "other" mother is still pretty crazy as the movie goes on. Turns from this woman that seems pretty charming and lovable to a demented monster. Closer to the end there is this huge "game" that Coraline plays with the "other" mother. Now it starts to get a little stranger. A quick story about me and this movie, the first time I watched it I would not watch it again. It freaked my little 9-year-old brain out so much. Now since I’m older it has been my kind of “go to” movie to watch. But in all honesty, this movie is a thrilling joyride.

The joyride in the movie was enticing and I honestly did not want it to end. I have not seen another movie with this kind of mystery or horror.  Which I think is good right? I love gory and gross horror movies but this movie is so different that it was refreshing. It's just plain unique. I loved the whole Coraline character and wish more protagonists were like her. Many kids now and days have working parents who cannot always be there for them. Many kids move a lot too, or have moved and are finding it difficult. I've only moved mostly when I was maybe 2-6. I don't remember any of it. “Coraline” just connects to kids like that. In this movie, anything can happen so if anyone is planning on watching it, be prepared.

Mystery, horror and much of a joyride, “Coraline” will always be at of my list of favorite movies. Coraline can touch all hearts, and I'll swear on that. Why should anyone watch this movie? I can't force one too but I really encourage all teenagers and adults to watch this movie if ever stumbled upon it. Be clever and don't forget to watch out for the monsters in the little door.

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