Psych: The Movie

January 25, 2018
By IsaiahW SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
IsaiahW SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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“I’ve heard it both ways”, or “Hear about Pluto, messed up right?” These are some of the quirky, funny comments that are riddled throughout “Psych the Movie”. “Psych the Movie” is a funny, appealing movie to a variety of viewers. It contains pieces wonderful to all viewers including both those that are not fans of the show and to those that are already in love with the “Psych” Universe.

First off, the movie is filled with things that make it wonderful to all viewers. One of these characteristics is the “crime show” style plot that the movie has. The movie follows a path that uncovers a treacherous criminal. This makes it a terrific film to movie watchers that love to try to solve mysterious. Although the movie follows this plot closely, Shawn and Gus, played by James Roday and Dulé Hill, follow it in a much more zigzaggery fashion. This is the second item that makes this movie extremely amusing. From the friendly insults to the weird out of place jokes, this movie is sure to crack people up. The final wonderful part about this movie is it’s overall atmosphere. The movie is placed in the Christmas time; hence, a peaceful and genial setting is inherit to the film. This is a lovely movie to all viewers, although there are some people that might have higher expectations for the movie.
Those hopeful people are the fans of the show. The movie brings back memories and mirth from the show; consequently, it is wonderful for viewers that are fans. The long-living inside jokes and the quick humor have been missed by spectators of the show such as myself. The movie does a great job incorporating these gut-busting comments. Another splendid part that comes back into the movie are old characters. Side actors that played major roles in one or two shows before make an appearance once again. Each of these characters bring back memories from curious plots of old. The final thing that makes “Psych the Movie” appealing to fans is it’s written deepening affection between the main characters. The movie reveals some of the more personal details about individuals and uses those to deepen the connections between them. Although the movie contains many great aspects appealing to the fans of the show, it also contains a few disappointing elements.

These parts in which the movie falls short could not be easily prevented. The first aspect that might turn off fans would be Carlton Lassiter's short scene. The actor playing this character, Timothy Omundson, was originally written as having a large role in “Psych the Movie”. Though after he had stroke, the writers had to write him a significantly more minor role. This is saddening to the people who miss the cynical, yet sometimes affectionate, humor of Carlton Lassiter. The other saddening part of the movie is the obvious weaker relationship between Shawn Spencer and Juliet O’Hara. The actors playing these characters were in a romantic relationship during the time of the TV show, making the scenes involving them being affectionate towards each other seem more authentic. During the time of the movie, the actors were no longer together, making some awkwardness between the characters. Despite these two setbacks, the film was still able to be quite enjoyable by fans.

“Psych the Movie” succeeds in being a comical, curious movie to all, as well as bringing back wonderful items from the old show. Fans of the show and non-fans alike will benefit from this hilarious movie. This movie is also a great pick for people wanting to receive more laugh worthy comments then they will know what to do with. I would definitely recommend this film to people looking for a humorous crime show or mystery.

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