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The Breakfast Club

January 25, 2018
By rumblethetumble BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
rumblethetumble BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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From the original day of school kids have been learning but, through my years of learning I have gotten into some mayhem and I have had to go to detention so now when I go to detention I usually am grateful for going their but only for a few hours and not for eight hours on saturday like the situations from the movie the breakfast club.In this film there's a quote that says screws fall out all the time the world is an imperfect place which I think is a great quote.The reason why I like that quote is because screws could also mean something else like people could be losing their sanity slowly or that we've been unorganized once in our life we are not the ideal race.One of the reasons why the breakfast club is my favorite movie is because it is so relatable I talk to some people quietly when the person is not watching me and I listen to music during detention too by putting my head down with earbuds in my ears ,and yes I have tried to put a pencil in the ceiling and even sometimes during class because I was bored of a movie they were playing.I also know that the movie is still able to be up to the modern day and why I think it has been still a good movie to this day . I also would like teachers play the movie for us in school because it is a good learning movie even if the characters in it get into trouble.

One the reason why the movie is relatable is because we people all judge  people by splitting them up in a group like the nerd,the princess,the basket case,and the athlete,and the criminel it is what we do but we shouldn't but we do anyway it is in our nature to judge even the principal is judged as a jerk even though he is one. We also don’t listen all the time like in the movie when the teacher says to not movie from their seats it just makes people want to move out of their seats even more and when the teacher says to not talk that just makes the kids just want to talk more to each other.I mean I don't always listen to the teachers because I like to move and not be bored and they say when i go to detention or anyone else in my school say that people in detention need an hour to think of the actions that the person have done well the kids had eight hours to think and that is boring.Also when most people watch the movie it is so relatable because people think of what they've done that maybe the characters bring up and it makes them remember a time when they did something like that.
I think that everyone has gone to detention at least once for some reason or another like maybe begin late to class or didn't get that persons homework in or even for a fight.I at least have gone to detention and when I was in their I pretended to sleep and watched the breakfast club because I had a 1 week free pass on hulu.Then When I get out of detention I always think back to the popular ending scene when he puts his fist in the air and it fades to the credits with the don't you forget about me song in the background and then usually after I think of the movie and then want to watch it again.After I usually watch the movie I always ask myself how could a producer make such a great movie simple and then I found out that the movie was originally the movie was suppose two be two and a half hours but the producer decided that it was a negative scene and decided that the ones that are in the movie that we see today was used.

In the breakfast club there's a scene where all the kids are dancing but originally there was suppose to be one person who was going to dance and that was the princess who was originally going to be played by the basket case but they decided to have them all dance so she wouldn't be scared.When they were filming the movie the guy who played bender kept in character even off the camera and got the guy who played the athlete to hate him the guy who played bender also went to the school that was near the area and acted like his character like in the movie and even got kicked out of the school because he bought some beer for the kids and got caught.The producer even payed a band to play a song for the movie and it was a big hit on the radio.They also made this scene prop so real in the movie where the basket case shakes her hair for dandruff so it looks like she is making snow coming down on her picture that has a drawn cabin on it but they used parmesan cheese to make it look real.So the reason why I love this movie is because it reminds me of me when I am in school and detention and I have liked all the movies that the producer have made.


Why I have always consider the breakfast club one of my favorite movie is because it reminds me of when I get into trouble and i always learn new thing.So when I ever hear the quote about screws falling out it just always make me think of how our government is going and if we are not going crazy .I also like that it shows that we put people into categories it is just one of the things us humans do even though sometimes we don't know the person.And this is the reason why I think people should not be so judgemental about old movie I mean  they still are good even though they are old so just dont judge.

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