Everything, Everything Review

January 25, 2018
By Lindsey_M SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Lindsey_M SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Maddy is not your average 18 year old girl. From outside her glass window she looks like any normal girl, but Maddy has a disease. A heart-wrenching, unfortunate disease.
       This movie; Everything, Everything, starts by introducing Maddy, the girl who lives in a “bubble” because her disease won’t let her go outside. The beginning of the movie is just showing what she does all day while she is stuck inside, such as, reading, taking to her nurse, Carla , and watching funny cat videos online. Then one day when she is sitting by her window, she sees the handsome new neighbor, Olly. Olly notices her too and, is intrigued. And that is where their journey begins. This movie is perfect for teens, and is a great coming of age story. The films actors; 18 year old Amandla Stenberg, who plays Maddy and 22 year old Nick Robinson who plays Olly, had amazing performances that allowed us get a clear picture and direction of the film while adding twists to keep everyone interested. Three things that are very prominent in this film are the growth of characters, the unconventional teen romance, and the message they want people to take away.
        This film shows so much growth from the characters. Maddy grows the most, as she is the main character. This movie shows her growing from a adolescent who always did what she was told to a strong independent woman, who makes her own decisions. Another character that grows immensely is Olly the sly-talking, handsome new neighbor. In the beginning he is way more insecure, and doesn’t stand up for himself as much. It doesn’t help that he has an abusive dad that his mom is too afraid to leave. In the end, he is a totally different person and grows a lot from his old self. One of my favorite thing about this movie was how director, Stella Meghie, used Maddy’s homemade 3D models of a diner and library to show their growth. When they are texting each other, instead of just showing on the screen what they are saying they take everyone to Maddy’s “parallel universe” where it is just her and Olly talking face to face in the library or diner. It is a unique way to show the growth of them and their relationship.
      Another thing that is really special about this movie is the unconventional teen romance. This is not like any other teen romance movie. Maddy’s disease doesn’t allow her to go outside, so they have to find creative ways to communicate and get to know each other. This movie really brought a fresh new perspective to the typical teen romance. It kind of had a Romeo and Juliet vibe , but it was brought into the twenty first century.
       This movie also had a very prominent take away for they audience. It was a beautiful teen romance with a coming of age story mixed into it. Not to say there weren't any blemishes in the movie. The characters did seem a little unconventional to normal teens these days. They were blemish free, smart, rich, and the kind of amazingly gorgeous that is only seen in hollywood. They had pretty houses, pretty furniture, pretty families, and pretty things which made it harder to make a connection with the characters because they could be described as “perfect”.
      However the directors did an amazing job blending it into the movie so it wasn’t as noticable. Even though it had a few problems, they really overshadowed it with the good things about the movie. As a young woman myself, I would highly recommend this movie to others. It was full of many different emotions to keep people interested and had a major twist at the end that never would have been expected. In Conclusion, this movie not only shows a teen romance that is different, but it also shows courage and empowerment. I would highly recommend this movie to others.

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