January 25, 2018
By Carter11 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Carter11 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The Benchwarmers tell how three guys who got bullied when they were in school because they were outsiders.  They lacked athleticism but still formed a three man baseball team.  First they played against a whole team of elementary student baseballers. When they see their friends son getting picked on the three guys decided to form that team. Now, Gus is the most skilled out of the three because he played baseball in school. The other two, Clark and Richie, were the nerds that never played any sports. The three guys played baseball games more and more and they got even better at it.  Soon enough all three were hitting the ball every pitch! If their rivalry team won they would win the stadium and if the Benchwarmers won they would keep the stadium they built. Before the big game they had a bunch of kids that were bullied play on the team.  They played against another team and even though they lost the pitcher gave the hitter a easy ball to hit.  The hitter hit it and it went to the outfield. Tand he team felt bad for the kids so they pretended to make mistakes.  The hitter ran home and the other teams coach was so mad.  He said if he lets him hit the ball he won’t play baseball again and he did it anyway.
Now Gus used to be a bully as well but he kept that a secret his whole life.  He would call people short and other names.  But he only did that because he got bullied as well.  Recently, the fans found out that Gus was a bully and no one liked him.  After that and his friends Richie and Clark benched him.  By then Gus was pretty much off the team but he loved to play baseball.  He tracked down the kid he bullied and went to the kids house to apologize.  When he got there the kid ran into his peanut butter castle.  Apparently, he remembered the torture Gus did to him and was horrified.  Gus really went there to apologize but the kid didn’t take it seriously.  But Gus left his benchwarmers baseball cap on the table and left. The kid contacted Gus and they made up and became friends.  Gus still couldn’t play in the big game but  the kid and apologized in front of all of the fans and then they all liked Gus and cheered him on.
In another game to get to the championship game the benchwarmers have to face a really skillful team.  Pre game a dude named Carlos wanted to play but he was not ten years old he was more like twenty five to thirty five.  He slipped the umpire a ten dollar bill and the ump confirmed he was eligible to play.  Before he played all he was drinking was tons and tons of beer and was drunk before he was even on the team.  But Carlos was good at baseball and he showed that he wanted to win.  When Gus hit the ball that Carlos pitched he slid home.  Carlos stepped on Gus with cleats and that’s really excruciating because it’s happened to me before. Gus is ok but he can’t pitch anymore because of his hand so he’s playing outfield now and Clark came in to pitch.  Carlos hits a ball towards Gus and Gus caught it but he couldn’t throw.  So he stuffed the ball into his glove and kicked it to Clark who then threw it to Richie.  Richie was is playing catcher and got Carlos out.
Now remember Carlos is drunk so Richie’s brother, Howie, plays a trick on him. to get him even more drunk and so Howie bought him so tequila and Carlos chugged it and later on in that game since there was three players they all batted and both hit a ball and got a single everytime but they needed another hitter so Richie’s brother Howie was up to bat. Howie is terrified of everything he even tried hitting the ball with a plastic sword but they switched it out for a bat, now since Carlos is drunk and pitching he sees three of Howie and ends up hitting him with the baseball and so he took his base and the rotation went on and so they got the point and won the game and as a result the Benchwarmers won the game.
Now it’s the big game everyone has been anticipating.  The benchwarmers are pretty nervous since there playing the best elementary baseball team in the league. and they didn’t want to lose their stadium, but the three men wanted to let the kids that were getting bullied play and they would judge the game. The benchwarmers weren’t doing so good in the beginning but they were catching on, they mostly got there points from getting hit otherwise they would strike out but the other team wanted the kids to win but there coach wasn’t having it but the kids still wanted them to win so bad and so they acted bad and let them hit the ball and score multiple times and tied up the game and Nelson (Mels kid) was up to bat and he hit it center field and the team fields it but they were messing up on purpose for Nelson to score and succeed the game and they did so and the benchwarmers won the game.
I think of this movie as a underdog story, because three boys were bullied and they played baseball because it was fun for them and as a result they won all of their games and ended up being some of the most famous people in the world. It’s special to me because it shows how the people that get bullied can play to and it shows what teamwork can do. The movie shows a lesson that all people should get to play because that’s the point of the sport.

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