Star Wars: The Last Jedi

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

There has been a lot of hype for this Star Wars film throughout 2017. Following the release of Force Awakens back in 2015, this movie was a big hit in the box office, racking in over 500 million within three months of screening. However, there have been mixed reviews pertaining to this film. Some people loved it while others felt it lacked seriousness. I have seen this movie myself and thought it was very entertaining. There was a lot of action and it was able to keep me awake. Unfortunately, it had its downsides. First off, the entire movie was quite cheesy. This was a result of poor acting and an attempt from Disney to make Star Wars more appealing to younger viewers. It bothered me very much. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I wish that the movie was more serious and suspenseful.

One of the scenes that made me cringe was when Ray, the protagonist of the film, tried to return Luke’s lightsaber. She slowly walks up this majestical mountain where Luke is standing at the top. Instead of Ray handing over the lightsaber and Luke accepting it, Lucasfilm had to make a joke out of everything, so Luke throws the weapon off a cliff. The company expected people to laugh, but I did not find it amusing. The movie was cool and serious leading up to this point. Luke’s actions made me very concerned. Overall, Luke Skywalker’s character was a complete failure. He acted like a wuss throughout the entire movie and he was too afraid to leave the island he was hiding on. Luke was my idol when I was a young child, and I wish the franchise made his character more brave and heroic.

Another character who I did not like was Rosa, a rebel whose sister had died during a battle with the empire. This woman was very annoying, as she constantly talked and could not keep her mouth shut. She continued to complain about her sister and her acting was utter garbage. I still do not understand why she was included in the film. While there were some characters whose roles I did not like, other characters did a phenomenal job. Kylo Ren, the antagonist of the film , had great performance. His character was dark and evil, and he was able to maintain this personality throughout the entire film. While he is not a good fighter, Kylo Ren makes a great villain, and I hope he shows up in later Star Wars movies. Furthermore, it is safe to say that Ray was my favorite character. Daisy Ridley, the actor who played the Jedi, did a fantastic job. Ray was brave, serious, attractive, and she knew how to work a lightsaber ( *Kylo Ren). She played her part very well and did a great job. She brought hope to the resistance and she had an awesome fight scene with Kylo Ren at the end.

Overall, I think the movie was very entertaining and it was worth seeing. I would have seen it no matter what because in the end, it is a Star Wars movie. This franchise has grown to be so popular that every movie good or bad must not go unwatched. This series will go on forever due to the insanely large fanbase. Studies show that over 90 percent of the US population has seen a star wars movie, and at least 45 percent of the rest of the rest of the world has seen one. These numbers prove that Star Wars has become ingrained into our society, and it may never leave us.

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