Thor Ragnarok

November 29, 2017
By Jeremiah25 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Jeremiah25 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Marvel’s third sequel of Thor, “Thor Ragnarok” was released in theaters on November 3, 2017. It received 93% rotten tomatoes after its day viewing. I recently watched it and I thought it was a well produced movie. The movie had a blend of amazing acting, spectacular special effects, and an interesting storyline.

Chris Hemsworth(Thor) really owned his part, especially in this sequel. His acting skills made Thor’s heroic personality come to life when it came to saving his home planet, Asgard. He demonstrated a sense of assurance of who he was, but he also showed ambition and question about his future as a protector of people. He made the movie intense, but he also added the right amount of comedy for the younger audience. Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki, Thor’s brother, played a good antiheroe. Even though they had a difficult relationship, you could still sense the brotherly bond between him and Thor. As the movie continued, he grew on the audience. He was smart and frankly, pretty funny. His character was relatable to people since he was a adopted child who was always overshadowed by his older brother. Anthony Hopkins(Odin), Thor’s father, really made the dialogue come to life. You could tell he really studied his lines. Cate Blanchett(Hela) did a good job playing the antagonist of the movie.

The special effects crew and production designers really did their work. When Thor’s hammer shattered into a bunch of pieces, it looked really realistic. Actually, all of the scenes with the hammer soaring and fighting people, looked as if it was actually happening. The scenery of Asgard and Sakaar looked like if it was straight out of a comic book. For people the that don’t know, Hulk isn’t really played by an actual person. Mark Ruffalo does the voice over, but he doesn’t actually appear in the movie except for when he is the form of Bruce Banner. Hulk is computerized, but you can’t really tell because they have done such a good job on him.

No movie can be truly excellent without an interesting storyline. Marvel has been planning all their movies to fit into the big picture, “Avengers:Infinity War”. I think this movie especially has a great storyline sequence. The whole prophecy  where Odin had to die and Hela had to invade Asgard was interesting by itself, but the real cliff hanger was when the producers decided to make Thor lose one of his eyes while he was fighting Hela. I think that really shocked the audience including me. Towards the end of the movie, Loki steals one of the infinity stones hidden in Asgard’s treasures which may have been the reason that the Asgardians on the spaceship led by Thor bumped into Thanos’s ship.

In conclusion, “Thor Ragnarok” is a good movie and I enjoyed the experience of watching the movie. I recommend this movie to anyone enjoys interesting plot lines and quality filmmaking.

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