The Babysitter

November 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered what your babysitter does after you fall asleep? Well in the movie, The Babysitter poor Cole stayed up intending to find out. As he crept down the stairs he was horrified with what he found.

“Creak” the stairs under Cole’s shoes whined as he shifted his weight. He was crouching at the top of the stairs watching his babysitter play what seems like a harmless game of Truth or Dare with your stereotypical group of high school students. As Cole’s babysitter Bee is finishing her dare she changes the game by stabbing a boy in the head to collect his blood and sacrifice him to Satan. This leads into a massive cat and mouse chase for Bee and her friends to find Cole and collect “the blood of the innocent”.

The cast is unique and adds much needed substance to the film. The some of the most memorable characters include Samara Weaving as Bee, Bella Throne as Allison (an air-headed cheerleader), King Bach as John (the kid who has no idea why he is here), and Hana Mae Lee (a gothy/smart girl) . The characters help move the plot along as they constantly add hilarious aspects to the story.

Director McG complements the comedy aspect of the movie perfectly. He includes brainless laugh-your-butt-off jokes and comical gory scenes. Although this is one of those movies where you find yourself screaming at the screen for the character to run the other way, this isn't a bad thing. You find yourself rooting for Cole to make it through the film.

Despite having some unfavorable aspects, the movie, The Babysitter will have you clinging to your seat, wondering what your babysitter did after you went to sleep.

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