Justice League

November 27, 2017
By ryanhu PLATINUM, West Windsor, New Jersey
ryanhu PLATINUM, West Windsor, New Jersey
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It was a windy Sunday afternoon, the type of weather where it wasn’t too cold, but the wind chill was high. Despite the cold temperature, my hands were still clammy, and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. Today was the day that I had been waiting for ever since the first trailer appeared; the day that I could finally watch the new movie, Justice League. This movie continues from where the last movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, ends, and follows Batman who, after Superman’s death, attempts to create a team of special individuals to defeat an extraterrestrial army that threatens the safety of the entire world. Sounds cliche, right? However, the movie turned out to be full of surprises.

After the previous movie came out with below average reviews, I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie either. When it came out, however, the ratings were surprisingly higher, and I began to become excited once again. After the movie, I was quite impressed. The CGI and visual effects were quite stunning, although they were a bit too flashy and unrealistic. The graphics seemed to borderline reality and VR, but were still impressive nonetheless. The acting was alright as well, although at certain points it lacked enough emotion and wasn’t outstanding. The plot was pretty good, with the major points connecting from the previous movie and a good amount of humor, but the background for the characters and conflict was a bit rushed. That is to be expected, as the movie only had two hours to introduce each character. There could have been a better build up to the climax, as it was quite predictable, and possibly more normal character interaction and less action. Overall, it is a solid, action-packed movie that entertained and amazed the viewers.


I would recommend this movie to people who like action-filled movies that are full of entertainment. It’s a very visually appealing movie with a decent plot, so if you are looking for a sad or emotional movie, this would not be a good choice. Instead, it should be for people who mostly care about the visuals and care less about the plot, especially DC fans (even though I’m personally a Marvel fan). I would also recommend watching the previous movie, Batman vs Superman, as it provides some background information and makes understanding the plot a lot easier.

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